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Investment Operations
Streamline.FM is streamlining operations across the core business functions of Asset Managers & Owners. Managing quality and timeliness of data for your tools of choice .
Investment Management
Investor Reporting
3rd Party Oversight
How much effort could you save on gathering the information you need to make your investment decisions?

What would change if you could have greater confidence in the data used for your performance reporting?

How would you benefit if you were able to run your core business functions sooner?
Want us to explain how Streamline.FM can help your business?
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The Power of Streamline.FM
A purpose-built cloud solution that delivers IBOR + ABOR data required to perform Investment Management and Investor Reporting. Covering historic, current and projected activities, so you can focus on the things that make the biggest impact on your portfolio.
through an approach that shifts the effort/impact equation. Streamline.FM automatically uses externally and internally sourced as well as system calculated data.
by having a robust and auditable process management around sourcing and validating the data you need for investment management and client reporting.
by automatically verifying and integrating data as soon as you receive it. Recognizing that a one size fits all doesn't work, the approach can be tailored by portfolio.
For Asset Managers & Asset Owners
The information you need, sooner
  • Approximation anytime, more accurate information overwriting once available
  • Automated break handling
  • Seamless data accessibility for downstream processes & systems
Quality assured data at a lower cost
  • Easy Valuation and Liquidity Projection
  • Automated data capture, analytics and result delivery
  • Maximum Control via monitoring of timeliness and quality of data
Maximise the work your Service Providers do for you
  • Direct use of service providers' data
  • Independent Verification & Quality Assurance without duplication
  • More effective collaboration with service providers on problem-resolution

Pave the way for your team to high-value work
  • Optimize your team's daily workload
  • Create capacity to ensure accuracy through a true exception-based process
  • Remove dependency on spreadsheets and off-system record keeping
The Value of Streamline.FM
Providing Historic, Current and Projected Portfolio Data

Utilize the official records and submissions by Administrators and Custodians, while maintaining data in house appropriate for Investment Planning, Investor Reporting and 3rd Party Oversight.

Streamline.FM provides you with an integrated solution, covering:

  • Oversight to ensure quality from your third party providers
  • AutoNAV to calculate NAVs at any time, without having to keep a full book of records or run an accounting system
  • ForwardLook to easily maintain ongoing Liquidity Projections and track Cash and Trades
  • InvestView to automatically translate between accounting view and investment/investor view

Striking a New Balance between Precision & Efficiency

Each investment manager sources and manages their business critical data differently, whether that is full shadow operations or relying on data provided by their third parties.
Regardless of how lean your internal operations are, Streamline.FM will increase the timeliness and efficiency of your investment management and client reporting, whilst improving control and oversight. Based on top-down efficiency, Streamline.FM helps you make smart choices on the level of precision for each portfolio.

Move to a lighter operating model at your own pace without sacrificing consistency or control.

Driving Your Tools
Delivering Results
A Closer Look
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We solely focus on making your processes timely and your data accurate. Choose a convenient time to learn more about Streamline.FM and what it can do for your business.